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  • Ole Østlund

    Ole Østlund var snu operasjonsleder for Alexander Kielland, men fikk sparken fordi han tok sin oppgave for alvorlig, og ville i motsetning til myndighetene til bunns i årsaksforholdet. Østlund mener at plattformen ble utsatt for internasjonal sabotasje, og at det var eksplosjon som senket henne. Det er fra flere hold reist tvil om den årsak

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  • Freddy Kristoffersen

    Den tidligere gladgutten Freddy Kristoffersen rullet opp i sin bok ‘Mafiaen i Eiker’ hvordan frimurere og samfunnstopper innen politikk og justis og bank konspirerte mot ham, både i å ruinere ham, og senere ved sine forsøk på å dekke hverandre. I boken forteller Freddy Kristoffersen sin historie, og navngir mange av spillerne, mange av dem

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  • Jürgen Rieger

    Attacked and beaten. Car blown up. Professional reputation and career ruined. Background and contribution: Long-time Zündel attorney in Germany, Rieger has been a defender of German patriots since his law school days. He has drawn the ire of the Holocaust Enforcers by winning the 1981 Zündel case in Stuttgart against the false claim that Zündel

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  • Germar Rudolf

    Accused, tried and convicted in Germany. Career and doctorate dissertation ruined. Driven into exile. Background and contribution: This brilliant, German-trained chemist re-examined Auschwitz, Birkenau and other installations and buildings, testing rocks, soil and other physical samples for traces of Zyklon B. Following the pioneering work of Fred Leuchter, he put the final nail into the

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  • Jerome Brentar

    His reputation tarnished and his company boycotted, Brentar lost his livelihood for saving a man from the noose. Background and contribution: This Croation-American trained social worker and Christian activist has helped every falsely accused “war criminal” – from Frank Walus to Dr. Arthur Rudolf to Mr. Bartesch. He was of immense help to John Demjanjuk.

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  • Imre Finta

    Victimized by the media and financially totally ruined by civil law suits mismanaged by his first lawyers. Criminally charged and prosecuted as a “war criminal” in Canada. Background and contribution: A retired Hungarian police captain, Finta was accused by Sabina Citron and others for allegedly persecuting Jews in Hungary during the war. After lengthy legal

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  • Fred Leuchter

    Arrested and jailed in Germany. Financially ruined. Background and contribution: An American execution expert, Leuchter designed and maintained gas chambers for several US penal institutions. He was sent by Ernst Zündel to investigate Auschwitz, Majdanek, Dachau, Hartheim and other alleged “Nazi Death Camps” and “gassing facilities.” Author of the devastating series of Leuchter Reports. (I,

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  • George Sylvester Viereck

    George Sylvester Viereck, was marked for personal persecution by the insane cripple, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, because Viereck refused to turn his back on his own heritage and do the bidding of this twisted and misshapen madman.  Viereck showed me a personal letter from FDR to Viereck, who was then the respected leader of the fifty

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