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  • Philip Jones

    Philip was retired from the police, and never slackened his oath of ‘serve and protect’ the innocent and community from evil. Let his own words make his epitaph, “Now, the choice is stark and singular; we either take back responsibility from those who would deny us the right to self determination, or submit to slavery.

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  • Kjeld Heising

    The highly talented and informed Danish researcher Kjeld Heising have written among other books: “Pharmageddon: the Global War Against Women”. Killed by some of those he critizised; the medical mafia. Was it a contract on him in South Africa? We believe so…… Some of his many marvellous writings is on his website; still online.

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  • Dorte Schmidt-Brown

    Dorte Schmidt-Brown (Danish) working for the EU’s Eurostat statistical agency, in January 2001, disclosed concerns about suspicious contracts agreed by Eurostat that led to official investigations and uncovered a trail of scandal and fraud at the agency. Nothing Schmidt-Brown said has been disproved, yet she has paid heavily for her disclosures. The Dane, who joined

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  • Jussi Merklin

    Faklen nr. 3 · Forår 1997 DEN DANSKE DISSIDENT I 1979 blev en embedsmand i Finansministeriet, cand.polit. Jussi Merklin reelt offer for Berufsverbot efter at have kritiseret den danske stats tiltagende overvågning og registrering af borgerne. Med baggrund i et intimt insider-kendskab til statsadministrationen har han siden udarbejdet en omfattende dokumentation af i hundredvis af

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