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Philip Jones

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Philip was retired from the police, and never slackened his oath of ‘serve and protect’ the innocent and community from evil. Let his own words make his epitaph, “Now, the choice is stark and singular; we either take back responsibility from those who would deny us the right to self determination, or submit to slavery. There is no `third way.` Should The State be Your Servant, Or You Its Slave?”

“Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.” a line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar to his wife on his way to the Senate on the Ides of March.

Philip Jones -A giant NWO opponent

Philip Jones

Name: Philip Jones
Age: 51
Gender: Male
Astrological Sign: Aries
Zodiac Year: Dog
Industry: Law Enforcement or Security
Occupation: Retired Police Officer
Location: Neath : Wales : United Kingdom

About Me
Arnold Swarzenneger said, “My relationship to power and authority is that I’m all for it. People need somebody to watch over them. Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave.” This statement is typical of the Totalitarian mentality of the Luciferians and the antithesis of who I am and what I believe in. For people to have any chance at life, liberty and happiness, government interference in the lives of private citizens must be kept at an absolute minimum. The Hidden Power which controls world events has been busy building fences around our lives, whilst our wives went shopping and we watched the football. Now, the choice is stark and singular; we either take back responsibility from those who would deny us the right to self determination, or submit to slavery. There is no `third way.`

Should The State be Your Servant, Or You Its Slave?

I am a guest Columnist with and very proud to be so. My main interests are all embroiled in what is known as the Global Conspiracy to create a tyrannical world state. This is what I read about and what I write about. Other interests include Historical research Full Contact Sports Weight Training and spending time with Max my young Labrador DOG. I have a passion for Pakistani cuisine and American Food cooked `country style ` neither of which as readilly available here in DK.

Favorite Movies
Troy Kingdom Of Heaven Braveheart Gladiator Sword Of Lancelot Open Range and Tombstone
Favorite Music
Verdi Puccini Wagner Evanescence Classical Arabic Music and dramatic film scores

Favorite Books
Terrorism And The Illuminati by David Livingstone The Death Of The West by Pat Buchanan Fallen Angels by Elizabeth Claire Prophet Genesis Of The Grail Kings by Lawrence Gardner The Prince Of This World by William Carr Illuminati `The Cult That Hijacked The World ` by Henry Makow (also Cruel Hoax by same).My Blogs

Team Members
The Righteous Alliance

Some of Philips writings

Anti-NWO activist and writer Philip Jones died Nov.24 in Denmark after contracting “stomach cancer.” I was aware of the relationship Vincent describes but not Philip’s suspicions.

(Letter from “L.C. Vincent”)

Dear Henry,
Your many correspondents regarding the untimely death of Philip John Jones must be forgiven their suspicions that his passing was somehow hastened by an unseen hand. Having had the privilege to have been in correspondence with Philip for several months before his sudden illness and death, Philip had, for whatever reason, decided to share his thoughts and suspicions about a peculiar incident that seemed to be growing in importance the more he pondered it.

Apparently, around 18 months ago, a woman began to correspond with Philip. According to her, she seemed very conversant with all things NWO, as well as apparently knowing a great deal about other esoteric and arcane subjects. She seemed to be in agreement with Philip’s areas of research. They corresponded, and they decided to meet.

This woman, who was married with 2 daughters, introduced herself and her husband to Philip and his wife. Over time, this woman gained Philip’s trust, and began to create concoctions of her own “vitamins” which she administered to Philip on a daily basis for several months. Moreover, Philip described her as almost “….living in my bathroom…” that is to say, apart from her “vitamin” preparation for Philip, she seemed to spend an inordinate time in Philip’s personal space, something he had noted out of curiosity and mentioned in writing to me. Then, almost as quickly as this woman and her husband had appeared in his life, she withdrew from his life, “…taking all of her vitamins and every single ingredient with her….” according to Philip.

Approximately 3 months ago, Philip and his wife went to a restaurant and upon coming home, he became violently ill. From that day forward, his health rapidly declined. However, according to Philip, his suspicion was not that he had been poisoned at the restaurant, but that the vitamins he had been the causal agent of his illness.

Philip SPECIFICALLY wrote to me that he had come to the conclusion that this “pair” were Illuminati agents, that her husband was her “handler” and that she, whose father had been in the military, was raised in a mind controlled environment. Many of the details of her behavior patterns, upon analysis and reflection, were classic mind-control responses, according to Philip’s hindsight analysis.

To summarize, Philip John Jones, before his hospitalization and death, specifically stated that he had felt he had been a victim of an Illuminati “hit.” Knowing all the intricate details of this relationship Philip chose to share with me, for reasons known only to him, would leave little doubt in any researcher’s mind about what has transpired to end the life of one of the true giants of esoteric research on the subject of planetary control.

I share this for only one reason. I want everyone who ever read, enjoyed and benefited from the gifts of Philip John Jones’ research and analysis to know that his life was terminated with extreme prejudice.

Despite this, Philip John Jones’ writing and research will stand as a beacon, shining a light upon the darkness where the serpents — and the Illuminati — still dwell, from this day until their final extermination.

Philips funeral will be the 8th of December at 14:00 at the chapel of Odense University hospital.



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