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Leo Zagami

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Two members of the police from Stovner Policestation (Oslo) and two members of ‘Child Protection Agency’ in Norway came to Zagami’s house a sunday evening, forced themselves into his home and threatened him with if he did not stop to publish on a english speaking website, with server in Italy, he would be arrested and his children could be taken from them…….

‘Suddenly representatives for the norwegian intelligence service, the PST, appeared at his home. Zagami was handcuffed and brought to the psychiatric emergency unit for registration. Then he was brought to a psychiatric hospital where he was confined. Normally, the intelligence unit PST has no connection to mental health assistance services, indicating that the whole charade of provocations and the resulting follow up was a setup initiated by certain OTO members.

Although quite unknown to the public, even in Norway, the Norwegian government has a tradition of widespread use of mental ward confinement towards individuals that are considered being ‘obstacles’ for the norwegian authorities and their shady puppet masters.

Being inside the psychiatric ward, the statements made by Zagami to explain his situation and his mission in Norway were interpreted by the mental ward staff and registered in their journals as Zagami being ‘megalomaniac’ and having ‘extensive delusions’, ‘paranoic conceptions’ and ‘faulty perception of reality’. These mis-interpretations made by the ward authorities who themselves displayed faulty perceptions of the reality of Zagami, were in its turn used as the psychiatric rationalizations for applying the inhuman Norwegian law that permits forced mental ward confinement.

As a foreigner unable to speak the local language, and without proper connections in Norway Zagami became a helpless victim of the abuse of power by the norwegian government.

Zagami managed however to escape by fleing from the mental ward confinement. Having checked in and passed the security control at the Oslo Airport and heading for London, he was arrested by the Norwegian police and brought back to continued confinement at the mental institution.

Zagami not only had the courage to leave the Illuminati, but he also started publishing his Illuminati confessions at the Internet. These confessions contained lots and lots of information about the Illuminati, both historic and present, about its secret and dubious activities and about people involved. The first confessions were published at the blogsite

Some of the content was not appreciated by the norwegian OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis) and freemason societies. For this reason certain individuals from these societies filed a complaint for having their names exposed at the Illuminati Confessions website. This resulted in that the norwegian authorities took action and had the original Illuminati Confessions website closed. This happened in december 2006, a couple of months after the confessions publishing started. Zagami’s response to this was to have the site and all the content moved to a server in Italy that was beyond the reach of the oppressive norwegian authorities and to continue the Illuminati exposure from there.

Few days after Zagami continued the publishing of his confessions his home was visited late one night by two policemen and two social workers. They forced their way into the Zagami home in spite of that his wife had told them to wait outside until she had called the police station to check out that they actually were who they claimed to be.

Once they were inside, Zagami’s wife was escorted into another room so that the visitors could speak ‘in serious’ alone with Leo. The policemen threatened him with being arrested if he went on with his Illuminati confessions at the net. In the presence of the social workers it was stated that they had the power to take away his children (Leo’s son and the other son of his wife that Leo also considered to be his child). Leo made it clear that he in no way intended to be affected by the threats and that he would go on with the publishing of his confessions. Shortly after this the representatives of the norwegian authorities left.

Leo and his wife have told about this experience short time after it happened at a radio program that is available at

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