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  • Jostein Gaardner

    Jostein Gaardner med kronikk i Aftenposten: ‘ISRAEL ER HISTORIE. Vi anerkjenner ikke lenger staten Israel’. http://www.aftenposten.no/meninger/kronikker/article1411153.ece Forskjellige utdrag av artikkelen: ‘Det er ingen vei tilbake. Staten Israel har voldtatt verdens anerkjennelse og får ikke fred før den legger ned sine våpen. Staten Israel i sin nåværende form er historie’, skriver Jostein Gaarder. ‘Det er på

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  • Rafael “Raful” Eitan

    Now we know something about Raful’s last minutes. He tried to escape his assailants in his car and was violently prevented from doing so. The murderers actually thought by parking his car on the breakwater, that people would think a magic wave wrecked it on all sides and from above, All doubt is now evaporated.

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  • John F. Kennedy Jr.

    What do we do about the information coming out on the explosion of JFK Jr.’s plane? The day it happened I wrote that JFK Jr. was doing more than any other American media figure to get to the bottom of the Rabin assassination truth. I reminded readers that his magazine George ran a 13 page

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  • John F. Kennedy

    JOHN F. KENNEDY APRIL 27, 1961 SPEECH The President and the Press: American Newspaper Publishers Association Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen: I appreciate very much your generous invitation to be here tonight. You bear heavy responsibilities these days and an article I read some time ago reminded me of how particularly

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  • Roger Garaudy

    Garaudy’s work, “The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics,” doubts the widely accepted belief that six million Jews were systematically exterminated by the Nazis in World War II. It says the Jews suffered “massacres” that did not amount to genocide. Garaudy, a former Roman Catholic who converted to Islam after being expelled from the Communist Party

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  • Professor Austin App

    Persecuted for his courageous and tireless truth campaign for two generations on behalf of German-Americans. Background and contribution: A German-American community leader and author of many booklets and tracts – among them “The Six Million Swindle,” “Action on a War Crime,” “The Bombing Atrocity of Dresden,” “Ravaging the women of Conquered Europe,” and many others

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  • Dr. Fredrick Toben

    Though German in origin, Dr. Fredrick Toben was raised in Australia as an Australian citizen, and speaks both English and German. Becoming interested in exonerating the German people from the anti-German racism of the Holocaust legend, he at first edited a revisionist journal called Truth Missions, which was later renamed Adelaide Institute Newsletter. He then

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  • Mark Latham

    With ‘Fortress Americas’ now in tatters because of Russia’s coalition with Brazil and Venezuela, Wall Street’s neocons and other Zionist traitors will desperately try to avoid War Crimes Tribunals and the waiting hangman’s noose, by fleeing aboard special jets to a little-known Australian island. The rugged and beautiful island of Tamania is a wanted war

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  • Folke Bernadotte

    Count Folke Bernadotte, the United Nation’s Mediator on Palestine, who was brutally murdered by a Zionist terror gang near Jerusalem in 1948. The assassination of Bernadotte, ‘at the hands of the Israeli terrorist organization’ began a lethal Swedish connection with Palestine,’ Ashrawi wrote. ‘Palestine lost its first Swedish champion,’ Ashrawi wrote, when Bernadotte ‘was brutally

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  • Anna Lindh

    Anna Lindh was a strong anti-Zionist, and as the foreign minister of Sweden since 1998, she had carried out the policies of the Swedish Social Democratic Government. In an interview in October 2001, she made the following remarks: “Israeli settlements on the West Bank must go; there must be a Palestinian state; Israel must vacate

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