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Rafael “Raful” Eitan

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Now we know something about Raful’s last minutes. He tried to escape his assailants in his car and was violently prevented from doing so. The murderers actually thought by parking his car on the breakwater, that people would think a magic wave wrecked it on all sides and from above,
All doubt is now evaporated. Raful Eitan knew he was in trouble, he tried to escape his murderers, was chased and sadly, was caught. It’s all in the car. He did not have an accident and drown. It’s all in the waves.
In my initial analysis on the day of the murder, I surmised that Eitan was going to come out against the Gush Katif evacuation and he had all the dirt on Sharon he needed to succeed. That appears to be the case. Here are some words from his last interview:

Raful rarely gave interviews of late. One of these ? with the “Iton Tel Aviv” newspaper in January of this year ? was reprinted by Ynet on the day of his death. Excerpts:
My opinion is that all these efforts [referring to Sharon’s disengagement plan ? ed.] are for naught. With the Arabs, we will never be able to make peace… This is a struggle between civilizations. We are a foreign culture, and in my opinion, Islam will never make peace with our foreign entity, and with the fact that it has political independence and even defeats them in wars. They’ll never agree… I can prove that whoever thinks that concessions, compromises, ‘Geneva,’ Ami Ayalon’s plan, are what will change the Middle East situation ? in my opinion is mistaken.

What he could prove and who he could finger, undoubtedly cost him his life. He is the latest of a long line of political murders ordered by the “peacemakers” of Israel.
What we have so far failed to do with Rabin, let us succeed with Raful. We have the proof. We cannot let this opportunity pass. We can bring justice to Raful. We can yet bring salvation to Israel.

by Barry Chamish

http://www.barrychamish.com/article_archive/2004/nov_04.html#November 25


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