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  • Ezra Nawi

    His crime? He tried to stop a miltary bulldozer from destroying the homes to some Palestinian Beduins in Southern Hebron region. August 16th 2009 he stand trial and risk years in prison. More info: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/301/t/9462/content.jsp?content_KEY=6208 His Name is Ezra Nawi by Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, and Neve Gordon | MRZine, June 10, 2009 Every so

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  • Yaakov Yisrael Dehan

    THE FIRST MARTYR TO ZIONISM WAS AN ORTHODOX JEW. Yaakov Yisrael Dehan – July 1, 1924. (From the newsletter of Neturei Karta in Jerusalem – Hachoma, Tammuz-July 5762/2002) The young martyr, Dr. Yaakov Yisrael Dehan was murdered on July 1, 1924. He was a man who devoted all his energies and the best years of

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  • Israel Shahak

    Israel Shahak (Hebrew: ישראל שחק‎, April 28, 1933 – July 2, 2001) was a Polish-born Israeli Professor of Chemistry at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the former president of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights, and an outspoken critic of the Israeli government. Shahak’s writings on Judaism have been the source of considerable controversy.

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  • Israel Shamir

    Israeli Jew who tells the truth about mistreatment of Palestinian. Israel Shamir is the one brave Jew that tells us as it is that the Jewish goal is not to take Palestine. They want to have the whole World he says, The Jewish New World Order. Their messianic age (the anti-Christ age). http://www.israelshamir.net

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  • Jack Bernstein

    Wrote the book ‘The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel‘. Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein. Jack Bernstein was later murdered by the Israeli Mossad.

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  • Victor Ostrovsky

    “When Israels Mossad set out to break me, it found its helpers here at home” by Victor Ostrovsky Victor Ostrovsky published two books on his experiences as a former Intelligence agent working for the State of Israel: By Way of Deception and The Other side of Deception. In these he recorded his personal observations made

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  • Jonathan Pollard

    SHIMON PERES IS KEEPING JONATHAN POLLARD IN PRISON (The Real Reason Why Pollard Sits) by Barry Chamish In early May, ’03, I was hired by a group of Israelis now organizing rallies on behalf of Joanathan Pollard’s freedom to find out why, defying all reason, he is still sitting in prison. The people who approached

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  • Rafael “Raful” Eitan

    Now we know something about Raful’s last minutes. He tried to escape his assailants in his car and was violently prevented from doing so. The murderers actually thought by parking his car on the breakwater, that people would think a magic wave wrecked it on all sides and from above, All doubt is now evaporated.

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  • David Newman

    Made the fatal error of befriending Raviv. Within a week of Rabin’s murder he was dead, a suicide they said. He was the only son of a widow, I’m informed, totally broken by her loss and just too worn down to pursue her suspicions of foul play.

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  • Shmuel Cytryn

    They came to Israel to live free lives as proud Jews and Israelis. Then in 1995 their son Shmuel was arrested and placed in solitary confinement by the Shabak for over four months. To this day he doesn’t know the charges against him. We now understand why he went through the torture. In September, two

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