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Capt. Eric H. May

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Capt. May, who also serves as intelligence editor for The Lone Star Iconoclast, has done so while at the same time battling Lou Gehrig’s disease. He is now 100 percent disabled from ALS, but this has not rattled his mind, which is as clear and sharp as ever. He studies the military, politics, and the media incessantly and reports that which the mainstream media continually ignores due to potential harm for their owners’ corporate profits.

Paralyzed, May’s voice is heard through his computer terminal, which relays his reports to websites and publications willing to advance the truth. He also spreads his messages via radio interviews. As a former intelligence officer who knows how propaganda works in high places, he has often warned the public of false flag possibilities, and has been proved to be on target. He understands the codes used by the power elite to secretly exchange information, and has revealed them to the American people, whom he has served above and beyond the call of duty. His measurable actions have saved this Republic many times.

Retired Army Intelligence professional, Sergeant First Class, Donald Buswell, in his endorsement of the initiative, carried on his page this Facebook entry about May:

“He served for over two decades in the U.S. Army, Army Reserves and the National Guard. As a military intelligence officer, he was a Russian-fluent expert on the Soviet military. He was also qualified as a WMD expert and public affairs officer. He spent his last five years of service with Houston’s 75th Exercise Division as an Opposing Forces (OPFOR) specialist, later serving on the division’s general staff. Afterwards he began a career as a ghost writer for NBC News, PBS and VIP clients. His essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. Since becoming a 9/11 truth activist, he has been widely published and interviewed by both mainstream and alternative media.”



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