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David Dees

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David Dees must flee from Sweden is the headlines in a Norwegian internet magazine.

It was long a well-kept secret that the artist David Dees lived in Sweden, having moved from the United States seven years ago. Dees has been one of the Western world’s foremost champions of liberty through his revealing and thought-provoking illustrations.

Truth Does Not Fear Investigation.

– David Dees

Now David Dees of residence in Sweden have been located by the “no”, and this has changed his circumstances considerably. Dees has now learned how to be a COINTELPRO-sacrifice, through to go through an “invisible enemy” who locks himself in his house, which is included on his movements and often leaves small business card with the message “we know where you are – see what we are able to do unto you “.

COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) is a methodology that intelligence services in Western countries for half a century has used as a secret weapon to wake up citizens who are fighting for freedom, openness and democracy.

Dees takes these “shadow-attacks” on his person very seriously, and interprets it as a sign that he is no longer free to exercise their activities in Sweden. Here is the story in his own words:

Persecution of exceptionally creative people on a world wide basis continues. He who dares to step out of the lamestream, the what to think info-propo-tainment network.

Here is the ADL take on “anti-semitic” Kentucky based David Dees.

In my art, you will occasionally see a ‘Z’ symbol over a star of David. This simply represents the political movement called Zionism which has co-opted Judaism and uses it as a shield to hide behind. Both myself and are PRO-Jewish, but extremely ANTI-Zionist. Those who attempt to smear my art as ‘anti-semitic’ are fools and frauds. The unspeakable, hideous genocidal acts of Zionism and the geopolitical social and economic deception and deceit it uses to con and dupe the masses shall be exposed. I also support organizations like Jews Against Zionism as you can see in my archives. If you have any sincere questions about Zionism and related issues, by all means read the material at any Jews Against Zionism internet site and the archives at Truth Does Not Fear Investigation. – David Dees.

This art is free to use for “non-profit” individual purposes, blogs, and websites. I encourage you to openly distribute to others with the hope it will educate, enlighten, deprogram, and at least, entertain. For “profit” magazine, book, or websites use please inquire at
All material Copyright©2006-2009, David Dees

His website is

David Dees, the artist who has made some of the most outstanding art describing the NWO, ridiculing the vaccine industry, the growth hormone industry controlled by Monsanto, exposing the zionist state of Israel and their holocaust extortion racket and who has to be looked upon as the foremost graphical artist who is out there today, has been forced to flee his current home in Sweden, where he has currently resided for the last 7 years.

According to himself he has had his house broken into, keys stolen, his bike opened, but not stolen – as he says – to send him a message. This has forced him to relocate back to the states. He now needs help to finance this move, and is selling some original prints from his famous works, for as low as 500 dollars, including an original painting that was meant to be given to the late Aaron Russo.

Some of Dees’ graphic illustrations:


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