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  • David Dees

    David Dees must flee from Sweden is the headlines in a Norwegian internet magazine. It was long a well-kept secret that the artist David Dees lived in Sweden, having moved from the United States seven years ago. Dees has been one of the Western world’s foremost champions of liberty through his revealing and thought-provoking illustrations.

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  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford is more famous for his cars than for his book: “The International Jew“. Elisabeth Dilling says: The Jews have always used threats to gain their will. In 1917-18, Louis Marshall, then President of the American Jewish Committee, served notice on Henry Ford, Sr., to cease telling the truth about the Talmudists. When Ford

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  • Freddy Kristoffersen

    Den tidligere gladgutten Freddy Kristoffersen rullet opp i sin bok ‘Mafiaen i Eiker’ hvordan frimurere og samfunnstopper innen politikk og justis og bank konspirerte mot ham, både i å ruinere ham, og senere ved sine forsøk på å dekke hverandre. I boken forteller Freddy Kristoffersen sin historie, og navngir mange av spillerne, mange av dem

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  • Barry Chamish

    For his outstanding efforts to investigate and document the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, among many other things as; For four years now the world has slept while William Colby decided to abandon his hot dinner and take a final canoe ride, while Vince Foster chose to crawl on his back so his suit would fill

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  • Jordan Maxwell

    Researcher Jordan Maxwell discussed how his exposé of the Illuminati and its occult roots has brought fear and threats into his life. He reported that his phone line is tapped by the NSA/CIA and they occasionally break into his calls and talk about him. He had been warned off, he had been threatened, he had

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