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  • David Dees

    David Dees must flee from Sweden is the headlines in a Norwegian internet magazine. It was long a well-kept secret that the artist David Dees lived in Sweden, having moved from the United States seven years ago. Dees has been one of the Western world’s foremost champions of liberty through his revealing and thought-provoking illustrations.

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  • Bjørn Afzelius

    There is a group in the world where everybody saying against them is either imprisoned, killed or die in early age from ‘sickness’; cancer and stroke is the most popular. This sicknesses can be indused by chemicals or eletronic weapons. They have the only religion you are not allowed by law to critizise; The Holocaust

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  • Ahmed Rami

    Tried, convicted and imprisoned in Sweden. Background and contribution: Rami is a former Moroccan military officer living in exile in Sweden, where he used to run “Radio Islam”, a radio program that was closed down due to Holocaust Lobby pressure. He was tried and convicted in Sweden for his Revisionist views and served a nine

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  • Ditlieb Felderer

    Charged, tried, convicted and jailed in Sweden. Vilified in the press. Forced to live in exile. Background and contribution: Felderer, at one time a prominent Jehovah’s Witness, is known as an early researcher into the physical evidence in every major concentration camp in then Communist Eastern Europe. Felderer took over 30,000 photographs of every conceivable

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  • Dag Hammarskjold

    “Dag Hammarskjold had now come into the same position as Folke Bernadotte seven years earlier. Israel did not want peace, it wanted war to gain more land, and the U.N. Secretary General stood in its way. When pressure from England and the United States was put on Israel, Ben Gurion responded that no land was

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  • Raul Wallenberg

    “Raul Wallenberg had done nothing against the Soviet Union. His “crime” was that he knew too much. While rescuing Jewish people in Hungary during the last year the Germans controlled that nation, he found out that the Nazis and the Zionists had worked hand in hand to uproot Jews from Europe and resettle them in

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  • Folke Bernadotte

    Count Folke Bernadotte, the United Nation’s Mediator on Palestine, who was brutally murdered by a Zionist terror gang near Jerusalem in 1948. The assassination of Bernadotte, ‘at the hands of the Israeli terrorist organization’ began a lethal Swedish connection with Palestine,’ Ashrawi wrote. ‘Palestine lost its first Swedish champion,’ Ashrawi wrote, when Bernadotte ‘was brutally

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  • Ivar Kreuger

    The Murder of Swedish Match Mogul Ivar Kreuger and the Effects on WW1 & WW2. Just briefly I had to come back to draw attention to the murder of Ivar Kreuger and the effect of that murder on following events in European history. Researchers claim Kreuger’s massive loans to the countries that later became the

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  • Anna Lindh

    Anna Lindh was a strong anti-Zionist, and as the foreign minister of Sweden since 1998, she had carried out the policies of the Swedish Social Democratic Government. In an interview in October 2001, she made the following remarks: “Israeli settlements on the West Bank must go; there must be a Palestinian state; Israel must vacate

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  • Olof Palme

    Christopher Bollyn: “In 1986, then Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot as he walked home from the cinema with his wife. As Ashrawi noted, Palme had sought recognition for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and a validation for the peaceful resolution of the conflict through ending the 1967 Israeli occupation of Palestinian and other

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