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Ivar Kreuger

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The Murder of Swedish Match Mogul Ivar Kreuger and the Effects on WW1 & WW2.

Just briefly I had to come back to draw attention to the murder of Ivar Kreuger and the effect of that murder on following events in European history. Researchers claim Kreuger’s massive loans to the countries that later became the Soviet Union’s Iron Curtain following WW1 could have toppled Stalin and brought Communism down. The murder and cancellation of these loans made WW2 possible.

by John S. Torell

Ivar Kreuger was born in the city of Kalmar, Sweden, on March 2, 1880. After his education, he worked as a civil engineer in the United States and also in South Africa. In 1907 he returned to Sweden and founded a match company. When World War I broke out and Sweden declared its neutrality, German U-boats put a blockade against Sweden in order to hinder it from exporting to England and France. Since matches at this time were essential to light everything from cooking stoves to lanterns, matches became an essential product for the defense of the Swedish nation. Kreuger suggested to the Swedish government that all match factories in Sweden should be combined into one single corporation, which was given the name “Svenska Tandsticks A.B. (Swedish Match Corporation). Kreuger became head of this new corporation. During a period of 15 years, from 1917 to 1932, Kreuger built an international corporation of match factories. As chairman of the board of directors, Kreuger yielded an enormous power and by 1925 his corporation manufactured more than 50% of all matches in the world.

In order to understand the political climate after World War I, I am referring the readers to the 2003 issue of The Dove magazine, scheduled for publication later this year. In short, the United States was isolated from politics in Europe, which at this time was dominated by England and France. Kreuger working with the American financier Morgan, tried to rebuild Europe from the devastation off World War I. Kreuger’s corporation loaned billions of dollars to different governments, and in return was given a monopoly in manufacturing matches in the nations taking his loans. These loans were not to be used to build up military strength, but to build up the infrastructure and factories, and increasing trade between nations.

If Kreuger had been left alone, he would have done for Europe, what the Marshall Plan did for the United States after World War II. Instead, Ivar Kreuger ran into problems with several organizations, including national governments. The Social Democratic Party in Sweden was working hard to take political power in Sweden, but as long as the Swedish people were working and the nation was prospering, no one wanted Socialists in power. They needed unemployment and chaos to enable them to take over the running of the nation. The Soviet Jewish government, under the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin, did not want prosperity in Europe or no one would embrace Communist rule. The Zionists were working hand in hand with the German Nazi party to put pressure on German Jews, forcing them to immigrate to Palestine. Since the World Government was in control of all of these different factions, the decision was made, Kreuger had to go. But it could not be a regular murder; it must look like a suicide.

The Swedish Social Democratic Party and the Swedish banking family, Wallenberg, were given an order to finance and direct the execution of Kreuger. The Swedish bank, “Svenska Handelsbanken,” (Swedish Trading Bank) was used to wire the money to the murderer. Joseph Stalin agreed that the Soviet secret police, at that time called “OGPU” was to furnish a killer. The man selected was Leon Birthschansky, at that time stationed in Paris, France. The Swedish sponsors of the murder wired the sum of 16,000 francs to Leon 24 hours in advance of the murder which took place March 12, 1932. The money wiring in itself was diabolic. Carl Frisk, former CEO of Svenska Handelsbanken (1911-1922) was asked to use his personal bank account to wire the money to Paris, where it was received by an infiltrator in the Kreuger Corporation in Paris, who transferred the money to the bank account of the Kreuger corporation, who in turn then issued a check to the murderer. Thus Ivar Kreuger did not know that his own corporation was used to pay the murderer. The Swede, Ernest A. Hoffman, a close associate to Kreuger, was part of the plot to murder his friend and boss, Ivar Kreuger. Hoffman was to remove the murder weapon and make sure that the murder scene had been “sanitized.” 2


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