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  • John F. Kennedy Jr.

    What do we do about the information coming out on the explosion of JFK Jr.’s plane? The day it happened I wrote that JFK Jr. was doing more than any other American media figure to get to the bottom of the Rabin assassination truth. I reminded readers that his magazine George ran a 13 page

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  • David Newman

    Made the fatal error of befriending Raviv. Within a week of Rabin’s murder he was dead, a suicide they said. He was the only son of a widow, I’m informed, totally broken by her loss and just too worn down to pursue her suspicions of foul play.

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  • Shmuel Cytryn

    They came to Israel to live free lives as proud Jews and Israelis. Then in 1995 their son Shmuel was arrested and placed in solitary confinement by the Shabak for over four months. To this day he doesn’t know the charges against him. We now understand why he went through the torture. In September, two

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  • Amiram Nir

    Former CIA deep cover agent Gene “Chip” Tatum on the murder of Amiram Nir. Abbreviated transcript of Gene Tatum’s appearance on the Rob Lori radio show out of Tampa, Florida: ROBERT LORI: Okay,  let’s  talk  about that. Amiram Nir  is an Israeli intelligence person. And I’m not sure whether he worked for the government or

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  • Yitzhak Rabin

    Who murdered Yitzhak Rabin by Barry Chamish I know who did it. In February 1996, journalist Yehoshua Meiri told me who did it and why. I arranged to have his claims videotaped. So certain was he of his information, that he tracked Joel down in England to let him know the facts. Meiri insisted that

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  • Wayne Owens

    Wayne owens, U.S. Congressman, murdered by “serial killer” Shimon Peres December 21, 2002 Here is why Rep. Wayne Owens was murdered in Tel Aviv. He is another victim of Shimon Peres’ decades old murderama. Let us begin with some background from the Washington Post before we sort out the murder: Friday, December 20, 2002; Page

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  • Sherman Skolnick

    Sherman Skolnick, who spearheaded the investigation into largest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history in 1969, is now back again to finger crooked judges on the U.S. Supreme Court. Saying the Bush administration wants him arrested as a domestic terrorist, Skolnick claims Bush and his cronies are in hot water involving the Chicago grand jury

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  • Robin Cook

    Earlier foreign minister of the United Kingdom, who was opposing Blairs and NWO camapign for invading Iraq, is dead under a walk with his wife in the mountains. Any indications that this is a assasination of a person that know too much? Anybody with some more info, please add up on this topic, by replying

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  • Steinar Bastesen

    Som en av de eneste politikere i Norge har Bastesen våget å ta opp temaet om Bilderbergerne, elitens tenketank, i Stortinget spørretime (2003), hvor han spør om det er heldig for representantenes integritet å delta i internasjonale globaliseringsnettverk som dette. En tid før dette (2001) lå han nede for telling med hjerneslag mens han inntok

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  • Arve Kirkevik

    Politiet beslagla alt datautstyr til Arve Kirkevik fra Osterøy. Dette sto på trykk i Bygdanytt den 27. august d.å. Grunnen til det var at han hadde lagt ut på internett pasientjournalen til Arnold Juklerød. Sammen med mange andre fulgte Kirkevik Arnold Juklerøds kamp fra Gaustad sinnssykehus mot det trehodede trollet: Psykiatri, rettsvesen og politi.

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