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  • Anthony John Hill

    Human (name): John Anthony Hill. Human (birth): Sheffield, England, 1948. Spirit-being (names): Muad’Dib / JAH / Elijah Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jahtruth As many of you will know, Muad’Dib is the producer of the film “7/7 Ripple Effect“, and He was arrested in Ireland for the ‘crime’ of sending DVD’s of the film to the judge and jury

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  • Paul Wellstone

    Wellstone was born in Washington D.C. to Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants, Leon and Minnie Wellstone, and raised in Arlington, Virginia. Originally, his family name was Wexelstein, but his father changed the name to Wellstone in the 1930s when he encountered virulent anti-semitism. Wellstone was known for his work for peace, the environment, labor, and health care; he

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  • Kenny Johannemann

    Johannemann’s account of 9-11 included basement explosions, which are viewed by some 9/11 researchers, like talk radio host Alex Jones, as support for the 9-11 Truth Movement. Many researchers into 9/11 view Johannemann’s suicide with suspicion. It is alleged that he fell into depression and alcoholism, and was facing eviction from his New York City

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  • Beverly Eckert

    MURDERED by THE US GOV/CIA because HER SILENCE COULD NOT BE BOUGHT ABOUT 911!! If you do some research, you’ll find over the past 60 years many government foes, witnesses, and employees who knew too much, have met their fate in suspicious plane crashes, and other means. Check out Barry Jennings on youtube. Maybe you

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  • Phil Schneider

    In May, 1995, Phil Schneider did a lecture on what he had discovered. Seven months later he was tortured and killed by those for whom he had previously worked. This man’s final acts should not go unnoticed. “The federal government has invented an earthquake device. I am a geologist, and I know what I am

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  • Ole Østlund

    Ole Østlund var snu operasjonsleder for Alexander Kielland, men fikk sparken fordi han tok sin oppgave for alvorlig, og ville i motsetning til myndighetene til bunns i årsaksforholdet. Østlund mener at plattformen ble utsatt for internasjonal sabotasje, og at det var eksplosjon som senket henne. Det er fra flere hold reist tvil om den årsak

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  • Israel Shahak

    Israel Shahak (Hebrew: ישראל שחק‎, April 28, 1933 – July 2, 2001) was a Polish-born Israeli Professor of Chemistry at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the former president of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights, and an outspoken critic of the Israeli government. Shahak’s writings on Judaism have been the source of considerable controversy.

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  • Victor Ostrovsky

    “When Israels Mossad set out to break me, it found its helpers here at home” by Victor Ostrovsky Victor Ostrovsky published two books on his experiences as a former Intelligence agent working for the State of Israel: By Way of Deception and The Other side of Deception. In these he recorded his personal observations made

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  • Lyndon LaRouche

    LaRouche – Dissident to be assasinated: (Larouche was arrested by George Bush Sr. on bogus charges for trying to reform the bad economic system we have) From LaRouch Political action. Join for a better America; http://www.larouchepac.com Lyndon LaRouche a leading economist and expert that puts other economists to shame has first hand experience of predicting

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  • Louis T. McFadden

    On May 23, 1933, Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, The Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of United States Treasury for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to, CONSPIRACY, FRAUD, UNLAWFUL CONVERSION, AND TREASON. The petition for Articles of Impeachment

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