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Lyndon LaRouche

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LaRouche – Dissident to be assasinated:

(Larouche was arrested by George Bush Sr. on bogus charges for trying to reform the bad economic system we have)

From LaRouch Political action. Join for a better America;

Lyndon LaRouche a leading economist and expert that puts other economists to shame has first hand experience of predicting future outcomes of the economy and has seen and experienced the corruption by Marxist communists who have infiltrated the American Government. In 1970 Lyndon was in a very serious debate where he unintentionally got Lerner to expose some very secret knowledge. The statement made by Lerner, “If the social democracy had accepted Schacht’s policy Hitler would not have been necessary”. WHAT!!!???.
(That would be Hjalmar Schacht)

That statement would seem to indicate that Hitler was placed in power by certain individuals in power, perhaps from Nazi American’s. Then Sydney Hook the head of the Congress for cultural freedom who is a Marxist communist and fascist said, “Young Man has showed himself a credible contender, he is going to pay a price for it. He is never going to be allowed to debate any important figure again” Then an FBI hit was placed on Lyndon LaRouche. There is a long history of FBI and mainly CIA who act as terrorists against Americans and Countries all over the world.

The Trial
Lyndon Larouche and former USA Attorney General Ramsey Clark discuss Larouche’s Trial, and Strategic Defense Initiative(Star Wars), which Larouche says was his idea. This was filmed around 1994 at the “Independent Commission Hearings” in D.C.
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