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Jason Vale

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Jason Vale said the c-word – CURE – and straight to jail.

Jason Vale released after 5 years in jail, for selling apricot seeds

Apricot Pits to Treat and Prevent Cancer

Jason Vale web adresses

Illuminati wants all dead, in all sort of ways, as qiuckly as possible.

Jason Vale Fox News Part 2

This guy, Jason Vale, got cancer so he began researching natural cures and found that Apricot seeds could help cure Cancer. So he began curing himself with the seeds and it was working great. The problems really started when he started telling others about the cure and calling it a “cure”. The FDA hammered the guy and I think he was sentenced to 20 years!
Jason vale speaking the forbidden c-work; Cure. Straight to jail, for 63 months.

Do you see the fraud here. This guy cures his own cancer and had like 40,000 happy customers buying Apricot seeds and Vitamin B-17 but THAT’S a problem for the new world order FDA because they only exist to shut down the competition to the Rockefeller Big Pharma interests. Our FDA will go into a health food store selling raw milk with guns drawn like it’s a meth lab BUT they won’t stop Aspartame, a known neurotoxin from being put in thousands of products now and NOT being labelled! It’s all a big con job! Our FDA works for Big Pharma and the head of FDA usually comes right from a Big Pharma company which should be against the law but happens all the time!

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