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John Wilson

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For over a decade Dr. John Wilson has taken court action seeking to have judges, government and banks obey the law. As his Website explains:

“The banks have corrupted parliaments and courts in order to achieve their seemingly invincible position. Through the parliaments, banks have set in place legislation which forms the blue print and provides the means to realize their goal.

However, such legislation can only be enforced through the courts where, if justice were to prevail, bad laws would be vetoed and rejected in fair trials or tribunals. That is why the banks have to have dominance over the courts. They do this by firstly controlling the judges and secondly eliminating juries—thereby removing any possibility that the judges may “do right” or that the people may exercise their will.

But there is a chink in the banks’ armour—an Achilles’ heel. There is a way to smash the banks by proclaiming a simple truth which the banks have swept aside in the implementation of their practice of issuing loan contracts.

The truth is in the meaning of the word, “variable,” as found in the Oxford English Dictionary. “Variable” means “uncertain” and “certain” means “not variable.” For contracts to be valid under the common law, there must be “certainty of terms” as an essential element. Therefore, all loan contracts in which the banks have incorporated variable interest rates are invalid. Those loans are illegal and the banks are common law criminals.

The judges know this and are concealing this serious offence. This website RightsandWrong, exposes the incompetence, corruption and treachery in the judiciary.

Magna Carta says, “To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay, Right or Justice.” Unless the banks can be defeated, such noble principles are gone and the people, having no rights, are merely slaves”.

The other day I received the following information by email:

Police came to arrest John on Thursday July 16, the first officer went away after John asked to see a warrant and told him he was trespassing. The police replied, “We don’t need a warrant we are the police.” A couple of hours later they came back in force. As John was videoing the goings on, they started on the screen door with a crowbar, after damaging the screen door and going to start on the main door, John told them to hold off and he will open the door, he put the camera down and opened the door, they proceeded to attack him, they had him on the ground, one had him in a head lock another jumped on his back and had his knees compressing his chest so he could hardly breath, John said that he thought that he was going to die, the policeman on top of him said, “That will teach you.” Photo shows John Wilson’s graffiti on his former dental surgery.

And all this without a warrant and no charge. Are they acting under a new law??? The Mental Health Act?. . . so they put him in Silverwater Jail, the hearing is set down for the August 26, and to keep him out of circulation they are going to hear it with a camera link-up with Silverwater Jail, they won’t let him have any paperwork to defend himself in court. How is that for a totalitarian police State!!! John has applied for bail, but he thinks that since they want him out of harm’s way the chances of getting bail are slim, beside the fact that the Police are acting like terrorists, breaking every law that you can think of, trespass, break and enter, assault, robbery, (they stole his camera with all the evidence).

Since John will be out of action until at least the August 26 for any updates email John Bauskis. John has asked me to try and organize a peaceful protest at Parramatta Local Court on August 26, all carrying the Australian flag, and wearing tee shirts with “Trial by Jury is Democracy” or appropriate slogan, now this is our last chance to fight for our Rights.

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