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  • Kirk Lyons

    Viciously character-assassinated by the media and “Jewish defense” organizations after defending the rights of US patriots. Background and contribution: An American civil rights lawyer of note, skill and courage and defender of many patriots, especially the “Dead of Waco,” Lyons has represented people like Fred Leuchter in controversial cases, and has lately been targeted by

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  • Jerome Brentar

    His reputation tarnished and his company boycotted, Brentar lost his livelihood for saving a man from the noose. Background and contribution: This Croation-American trained social worker and Christian activist has helped every falsely accused “war criminal” – from Frank Walus to Dr. Arthur Rudolf to Mr. Bartesch. He was of immense help to John Demjanjuk.

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  • Frank Walus

    Attacked seven times by Jewish assailants; nearly killed in an acid attack. Lost his US citizenship and his home to pay for his defense. Background and contribution: A Polish German-American auto worker, Walus was targeted and accused falsely by Simon Wiesenthal to be a “Nazi War Criminal.” Vilified by the US media in a vicious

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  • Professor Austin App

    Persecuted for his courageous and tireless truth campaign for two generations on behalf of German-Americans. Background and contribution: A German-American community leader and author of many booklets and tracts – among them “The Six Million Swindle,” “Action on a War Crime,” “The Bombing Atrocity of Dresden,” “Ravaging the women of Conquered Europe,” and many others

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  • Professor Arthur Butz

    Vilified and persecuted for almost three decades. Background and contribution: An American electrical engineer and university professor, Butz wrote the “Bible” of modern Revisionism titled “The Hoax of the 20th Century”. This book, which deals with most details of Holocaust lore from “shrunken heads” to “Jewish soap” and “gassing” claims, more than any other influenced

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  • Dr. Phil Roberts

    Dr. Roberts filed suit against the government in 1999 after being investigated for 4 years by a local IRS agent. His suit included making this person leave him, his reputation and business alone. He also wanted the court to answer the question: “Can I be forced to sign a statement or declaration under the penalty

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  • Sherman Skolnick

    Sherman Skolnick, who spearheaded the investigation into largest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history in 1969, is now back again to finger crooked judges on the U.S. Supreme Court. Saying the Bush administration wants him arrested as a domestic terrorist, Skolnick claims Bush and his cronies are in hot water involving the Chicago grand jury

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  • Brian Downing Quig Press Release June 21, 2003 Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower THE DEATH OF BRIAN DOWNING QUIG Brian Downing Quig, Investigative Journalist, Whistleblower, and a personal friend of mine was Killed Monday June 16th at 2-230 AM PST, Brian was hit by a car at 75th Ave. & Catalina Dr. in Phoenix Arizona. Brian was

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  • Eric Rainbolt

    Eric Rainbolt, owner of Had his internet store hacked. anybody knows more, please add by replying here…….

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