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Brian Downing Quig

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Press Release
June 21, 2003
Stew Webb
Federal Whistleblower


Brian Downing Quig, Investigative Journalist, Whistleblower, and a personal
friend of mine was Killed Monday June 16th at 2-230 AM PST, Brian was hit
by a car at 75th Ave. & Catalina Dr. in Phoenix Arizona. Brian was struck by a
vehicle driven by a 17 year old Hispanic, with 2 passengers, one passenger was hospitalized, the driver was taken into custody for drug testing and being held for questioning. Brian was cremated. Services by close friends were held Sat June 21, 2003.

An investigation by myself and others is ongoing, reports are forthcoming.

Brian had been a resesearcher, Investigator, and Journalist for nearly 20 years, working in the Phoenix, Arizona area, he had Contributed to such Books as
“The Mafia CIA & George Bush”, by Pete Brewton SPI, Press NY NY.
(your local library). He further had a web-site www.dcia.com, in which his investigative articles had exposed many Illegal CIA-Bush drug operations.
Brian had been a lead investigator in such exposes as The Buddhist Temple Murders & the murder of talk show host Don Bolls of Arizona.

During the 1989-1992 Lincoln Saving & Loan Frauds, Brian & I had worked hand in hand investigating the ties of CIA Charles Keating with Silverado Savings and Loan, and its owner Leonard Millman, & his “front-cronies” Neil Bush, Larry Mizel, Millman/Bush-CIA Attorney Norman Brownstein, all directors of Silverado.
Brian was actually going to Charles Keating corporate offices at night digging in the trash cans, retrieving documents, notes, and carbon copies for our investigations.
Some of these documents were later turned over to the Attorneys who Filed suit and actually Jailed CIA-Charles Keating in July of 1992.
This suit and a 2 Billion Dollar Judgment rendered against Keating, and other including MDC Holdings, Inc. (Silverado) The Saudi European Investment Corp., (Part of BCCI-Bank of Credit and Commerce International) which included members of the Saudi Royal Family, Kuwait, Pakistan, including
former Texas Governor John Connelly. Connelly had been the passenger in
the Presidential Limousine when President John F. Kennedy was Murdered.

This RICO Lawsuit that Jailed Charles Keating, and which forced John Connelly in to filing bankrupts, was after Federal, State, and local prosecutors refused to do their jobs, which is Obstruction of Justice.

Later I found out about the Bribes and Payoffs of these officials laundered through M&L Business Machines Company of Denver, Colorado, an MDC Holding, Inc. subsidiary company.
MDC Holdings, Inc. is controlled by “The Bush Crime Family King Pin Comptroller Money launderer and Knights Templar Leonard Yale Millman who owned and operated Silverado.
(Stew Webb’s former father in law)
(See: www.stewwebb.com The Bush Crime Family Flow Chart)

Brian had further discovered connections of the notorious illegal weapons for narcotics dealer General John Singlaub who was involved heavily with Iran/Contra & who still to this day, is involved with Narcotics trafficking into America. General Singlaub based in Phoenix was deeply involved with General Richard Secord and Col. Oliver North, which has been testified too, that General Singlaub ran the Mena Arkansas Drug operations which had ties to George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and others.
General Singlaub had been fired by President Jimmy Carter.
General John Singlaub had offices across the hall from Charles Keating.

Brian further discovered that Walter Bush of Walter Bush Securities, George H.W. Bush’s nephew, had offices across the hall from Charles Keating as well.
Brian had retrieved tremendous documentation, of which he shared copies of notes and other things relating to Arms dealings and narcotics, securities frauds, and Direct White House and Secret Service Connections and communications relating to cover-ups of these frauds.

Brian further had retrieved documentation showing Charles Keating being an attorney for Carl Lindnar of Ohio, owner of Chiquita Bananas & United fruit.
Carl Lindnar was the owner of the Costa Rico Ranch which was directly involved with the Iran-Contra Narcotics for weapons operations.
Brian had further supplied me with a copy of a document showing that Charles Keating was ordered by a court never to enter into the Financial Institutions Business after the collapse of Home State saving of Ohio involving Carl Lindnar and Mossad Bruce Rapport. Charles Keating had been the previous Attorney and Board of Directors of American Financial Corp. Parent company of Home State Saving, which was one of the first Savings and Loan collapses dating back to 1979.

I have several copies hidden, given to me by a top intelligence operative that shows the indictments by Costa Rica, Senate & Congress of Carl Lindar,
Oliver North, George H.W. Bush, General Singlaub, John Hall, General Richard Secord, Assistant U.S. Attorney William Richard Scruggs and others, involving Narcotics for weapons operations on Carl Lindnars Ranch in Costa Rica. Carl Lindnar is know as one of the two Illegal Comptrollers-Money Launders of
“The Bush Crime Family” in the United States.
Lindnar known as the OHIO Connection.
The other Comptroller being Leonard Millman of Denver Colorado, known as the Denver Connection. Millman was the owner of 17,000 acres of property in Belize on the east coast of Mexico which was used for guns and drugs involving Panama and Nicaragua all part of Iran/Contra. This property in Belize had further ownership involving Neil Bush and CIA-Congressman Porter Goss of Florida, who now is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Oversight Committee.
(See: www.stewwebb.com “The Bush Crime Family Flow Chart)

Brian further, came and saw me last year in Las Vegas for 3 days, in which, we shared tremendous information relating to each others investigations and overlays. In particular Oklahoma City Bombing.
It is always a delight to have someone as knowledgeable as Brian was about current illegal operations of State (Shadow Government).
I have found over the years that very few hold the knowledge of the real crimes of the “Bush Crime Family”. Therefore when I am able to get together with old friends of the past, whom I have had the Honor of knowing and working with, it is a delight, and of course I always am able to not only pick up pieces of the puzzle, but also share the pieces I have. And know this information will be keep confidential, until something serious can be done to expose it.

I might add that I have had so many stupid people & Government spies try to infiltrate me, by claiming to have information, like Ted Gunderson & Groupie Brenda Negri, when infact they have nothing and are there to try and bleed my brain, which of course, I learned this many years ago, so I just play along and tell them what they want to hear with a lot of spin. They usually walk out frustrate and when they find out I am not naive or stupid and realize they have been had they always get td-off. I have learned to spot them and they have a peculiar odor about them.
Brian and I laughed about the plants the last time I saw him in person.
I might add that I talked to Brian only days before his death, not only about current things he was working on but also about Bush ordering the Murders of Whistleblowers and I had warned him to watch his back and spread the word.

I also had warned him regarding CIA Ted Gunderson Groupies, in particular
Nutcase Brenda Negri, who had been attacking Brian in the past on a yahoo group message board. Brian was quite aware, and felt she was a disinformationalist, he further said he would keep her entertained if she bother him anymore.
Brian had further shared with me information were a spook had put something out claiming I was giving legal advice to one of Brains adversaries, of course this was not true. Brian had asked if I would confront this spook.
Brian and I discussed many things including how the Government metal cases, were trying to disrupt and waist each others time.

There has been a small circle of true Investigative Journalist and Whistleblower some who worked for the Government and some like my self who never have, but by some weird circumstances became a Federal Whistleblower.
In this small circle everyone pretty much knows of each other, and in many cases have either helped one another on various Investigations or have helped the other when in need of information, or help on their particular case.
Brian was a person who would go out of his way for someone in need, and had always helped with various investigations when I called upon him.
And I would always help Brian, he was not only a friend, he was sincere dedicated and could be trusted.

I myself had helped Brian regarding the Temple Murders, I had spent several days with Brian in 1996 while doing a speech there. I had the opportunity to meet several of Brains close associates, and even had the Feds, Office of Strategic Services tracking me for quite awhile, until I was able to shake them. Brian had said they had not been around for a long time bothering him.

I further will add for humor, this was in 1994, while I had been in phoenix for a conference and to do a speech were I had asked Brian to also address the audience.
Other friends of mine IRS Attorney Larry Becraft, Gene Shroulder who exposed the emergency wars powers act, had also spoken together with me at the conference. The next day, Brian myself and others were at the swimming pool at the motel were I & others stayed, this was in 1994 back then we booth were a few years younger, and not so much gray hair.
Anyway here is the story we are at the pool drooling over 2 beautiful women, these women were number 11 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being tops.
So Brian’s says shall we try, I said sure, but if we tell them what we booth do for a living, they will run like hell.
Brian says we will try to avoid this, I was in agreement. So when we made the moves, and by our own surprise, they were politically orientated and hated the Government they though of Politicians as criminals. So when we were asked what we booth did, these gorgeous beasts were so impressed, they would not leave us alone.
We actually spent the evening en-training them, Brian as I recall dated the one several times, they booth were from Flag staff north of Phoenix.
At that time I was living in Denver.

The funny thing was when Brian came to Vegas, we spent so much time discussing The Lord, end time prophecy and how America was going into the tubes, because Americans just sit by waiting for someone to pick up the ball and run with it. Yet as Brian stated they want guys like you and I to do the work, yet they will not even help out with money to see it gets done.
Brian said if we could ever get the Grand Jury, Bush would be Jailed and Hung for Treason.

Brian, I am going to miss you my friend, and I give you my promised I will find out what happened, and if this was Bush, and not an accident, who ever I find was involved, will feel the heat.

I have had now over 20 of my friends killed at the hands of The Bush Crime Family.
Only 3 have we found who did it. Those 3 killers are in there graves.
Good people within the Intelligence community do not like it when, they hear that someone like Brian was killed. They happen to take revenge themselves. Feeling it is the only form of Justice.

See you in heaven one day.
Your friend always.
Stew Webb


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