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Vincent Reynouard

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A 38 year old French chemical engineer was sentenced this week to one year in prison and fined 10.000 euros ( 14.600 dollars ) for denying the holocaust. Vincent REYNOUARD was convicted by a criminal court in Savernes (eastern France) for writing a 16-page pamphlet in 2005 entitled ” HOLOCAUST ? THE HIDDEN FACT “.

Synopsis of Revisionist Claims by Vincent Reynouard.

Warning: Reynouard’s claims are against the law in France
Vincent Reynouard is a French revisionist who disputes the official version of the massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane. On 9 June 2004, his previous conviction on a charge of “approval of a war crime” was upheld on appeal and Reynouard was sentenced to two years in prison with 18 months of that time on probation, plus a 3,000 Euro fine. The court also upheld the confiscation of his research papers which had been seized in May 2001.

Essentially, Reynouard’s crime was that he claimed that survivors of the Oradour massacre lied about the tragedy, and that the women and children were killed by an explosion in the church which was not set off by the Waffen-SS soldiers who were in the village that day. Contrary to Reynouard’s revisionist claims, the women and children were burned alive by a fire that was set in the church by the Waffen-SS soldiers, according to the official story.

Reynouard wrote an article which was published in German on this web site, which has since been taken down:

In the article, Reynouard claims that Mathieu Borie, one of the survivors of the massacre in the Laudy barn, was a member of the FTP, the Communist Résistance organization, and that his friend Maurice Beaubreuil was also connected with the French Résistance. He claims that Monsieur Dupic belonged to the French Secret Army and that Paul Doutre was a supporter of the partisans.

In his Internet article, Reynouard said that he wrote, in his revisionist book about Oradour-sur-Glane, that he had checked the government archives and had found that partisans were regularly active in Oradour, as evidenced by records of thefts of cigarettes and gasoline. This partisan activity was contained in a government report by Guy Pauchou, who later co-authored the Official Report in which he stated that Oradour had been a perfectly peaceful village.


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Update February 2015: Holocaust skeptic sentenced to two years prison in France

In France, Vincent Reynouard was sentenced to two years in jail in February this year. This was during the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ mass psychosis, with millions of French ‘celebrating free speech’.
– See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2015/06/nazi-granny-faces-jail.html

In light of all the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ free speech hoopla, the French regime just confirmed their fraudulent stance on the issue by sentencing a man, Vincent Reynouard, to two years in jail for his non-violent historical opinions concerning the ‘Holocaust.’ The ‘free speech’ sham continues in the Talmudic Republic of France.


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