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Wolfgang Froelich

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Austrian engineer, Froelich, says gassings impossible as alleged

Deposition of Wolfgang Froelich during the recent trial of Swiss revisionist Jurgen Graf (condemned to 15 months imprisonment and 18,000 SwF in monetary penalties for investigating the “Holocaust” in Russian archives and publishing the results, as well as a booklet titled “On the Decline of Swiss Freedom”).

Froelich is an Austrian engineer and an expert witness whose field of expertise are process engineering and gas applications. He told the court he has carried out numerous gassings to exterminate pests and infectious microbes. Here is how he answers the questions by public prosecutor Aufdenblatten:

Aufdenblatten: “In your opinion were mass gassings with Zyklon B possible?”

Froelich: “No”.

Aufdenblatten: “Why not?”

Froelich: “The pesticide Zyklon B is hydrocyanic acid absorbed in a granular-shaped carrier substance. It is released though contact with the air. The evaporation point of hydrocyanic acid is 25.7 degrees (Celsius). The higher the temperature, the more rapid is the rate of evaporation. The delousing chambers in which Zyklon B was used in NS (German wartime) camps and elsewhere were heated to 30 degrees and higher, so that the hydrocyanic acid would be released rapidly from the carrier granules. However, in the half-underground mortuaries of the Auschwitz-Birkenau crematories, where witnesses claim that mass killings with Zyklon B took place, the temperatures were much lower. Even if one allows for the warming of the spaces by the body warmth of the hypothetical prisoners, the temperature would not have been more than 15 degrees, even in summer time. Consequently, it would have taken many hours for the hydrocyanic acid to evaporate.

“According to eyewitness reports, the victims died very quickly. The witnesses mention time frames of ‘instantaneous’ to ’15 minutes’. To be able to kill the gas chamber prisoners in such a short
time, the Germans would have had to use ridiculously large amounts of Zyklon — I estimate from 40 to 50 kilograms for each gassing. This would have made any work in the gas chamber fundamentally impossible. The special detachment (Sonderkommando) people, whom the witnesses say were assigned the task of clearing out (dead bodies) from them (the gas chambers), would have collapsed immediately upon entering the rooms, even if they were wearing gas masks. Enormous amounts of hydrocyanic acid would have streamed out into the open, and would have poisoned the entire camp”.

Froehlich’s statement corroborates the investigations and declarations of such specialists as gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter, Austrian engineer Walter Lueftl, American research chemist William B.
Lindsay, German chemist Germar Rudolf, and German engineer Wofgang Schuster.

Now comes another interesting bit. Immediately following Froelich’s statement, here is what public prosecutor Aufdenblatten had to say to him:

Aufdenblatten: “I hereby ask the court to bring charges against you for racial discrimination, on the basis of Article 261 (the Anti-Racism Law) or otherwise I’ll do it myself”.

So this is how Zyklon B killed all the millions and why “Anti-Racism” Laws are needed! Defence attorney Stehrenberger could only inform the court that in view of this blatant intimidation of the
witness , he would withdraw from the case. He later expressed again his objections to the amazing proceedings, and resumed his duties as defence attorney.


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