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  • Mansur Al-Hallaj

    Al-Hallaj (858–922 C.E.), the Persian Muslim teacher, mystic, and saint—”the one who is enraptured in God”—was flogged, mutilated, and finally beheaded, accused of usurping “the supreme power of God,” placing himself above the prophet Muhammad, and challenging Islamic Law.

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  • Socrates

    An Athenian jury ordered that Socrates (469–399 B.C.E.), the Western world’s first recorded martyr, die by poison (the hemlock cup) when he refused to give up his dangerously public insistence that all men and women possessed souls, which knew the difference between good and evil, and were obliged to question historic and religious authority so

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  • Yaakov Yisrael Dehan

    THE FIRST MARTYR TO ZIONISM WAS AN ORTHODOX JEW. Yaakov Yisrael Dehan – July 1, 1924. (From the newsletter of Neturei Karta in Jerusalem – Hachoma, Tammuz-July 5762/2002) The young martyr, Dr. Yaakov Yisrael Dehan was murdered on July 1, 1924. He was a man who devoted all his energies and the best years of

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  • Slobodan Milosevic

    This report from Slobodan Milosevic “trial” and assassination is in its entirety taken from Chapter 36 of Robin deRuiters book: “Worldwide Evil and Misery. The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines“. Can be purchased here. Greatly recommended. “The small Serbia has shown that resistance is possible. This resistance was initially organized on a broad scale

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  • Paul Wellstone

    Wellstone was born in Washington D.C. to Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants, Leon and Minnie Wellstone, and raised in Arlington, Virginia. Originally, his family name was Wexelstein, but his father changed the name to Wellstone in the 1930s when he encountered virulent anti-semitism. Wellstone was known for his work for peace, the environment, labor, and health care; he

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  • Barry Jennings

    Emergency Coordinator Barry Jennings (52) gives his explosive account from inside WTC7 hours before its collapse on 9/11. Barry Jennings passed away on 8/19/2008, two days before NIST’s WTC7 report was released to the public. Michael Hess has now gone on record with the BBC claiming that no explosions took place inside WTC7. They murdered

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  • Beverly Eckert

    MURDERED by THE US GOV/CIA because HER SILENCE COULD NOT BE BOUGHT ABOUT 911!! If you do some research, you’ll find over the past 60 years many government foes, witnesses, and employees who knew too much, have met their fate in suspicious plane crashes, and other means. Check out Barry Jennings on youtube. Maybe you

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  • Phil Schneider

    In May, 1995, Phil Schneider did a lecture on what he had discovered. Seven months later he was tortured and killed by those for whom he had previously worked. This man’s final acts should not go unnoticed. “The federal government has invented an earthquake device. I am a geologist, and I know what I am

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  • Serge Monast

    Serge Monast and another journalist, both of whom were researching Project Blue Beam, died of “heart attacks” within weeks of each other although neither had a history of heart disease. Serge was in Canada. The other Canadian journalist was visiting Ireland. Prior to his death, the Canadian government abducted Serge’s daughter in an attempt to

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  • Emanuel Haug

    Da Emanuel Haug etter frigjøringen fikk vite at han var utpekt som landsforræder og anbefalt likvidert i et brev fra Hjemmefrontledelsen til London regjeringen, hvilket med den tids språkbruk betydde at han skulle drepes, gikk han til rettssak for å få mortifisert den injurierende påstand. Han krevde rapportskriveren straffet. Haug vendte seg til Utenriksdepartementet for

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