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  • Alain Soral

    French philosopher, Alain Soral are opposed to homosexuality, (pushed by the Jewish Lobby in France); destruction of the traditional family via same-sex marriage; and imperialism.

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  • Pedro Varela

    Israel Shamir inform us in an email that his publisher in Spain; Don Pedro Varela, is arrested. He was arrested for publishing books with a political incorrect content. 08.03.2010 http://www.elpais.com/articulo/espana/anos/nueves/meses/carcel/neonazi/Pedro/Varela/elpepuespcat/20100308elpepunac_19/Tes Ha was also arrested back in 2006. Police said than that they confiscated 5000 books. Books, not bombs. All kinds of sick pornography is still

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  • Wilhelm Reich

    In 1940, Dr. Reich, an Austrian immigrant, made the scientific discovery of a previously unknown energy existing in the atmosphere, in space, and within all living organisms. He called it orgone, which is synonymous with ‘life energy.’ He observed that the orgone energy charge in the human biosystem was expressed in emotion, sexuality, and could

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  • Victor Ostrovsky

    “When Israels Mossad set out to break me, it found its helpers here at home” by Victor Ostrovsky Victor Ostrovsky published two books on his experiences as a former Intelligence agent working for the State of Israel: By Way of Deception and The Other side of Deception. In these he recorded his personal observations made

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  • Emile Zola, 1840 – 1902

    Emile Zola was a French journalist turned novelist. His novels were attacked and even banned for their frankness and sordid detail, causing quite a bit of controversy in their day. In 1898 he incurred the wrath of officials when he published the open letter “J’Accuse,” in defense of Alfred Dreyfus, an Army officer who had

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  • Ingrid Rimland

    Vilified by the ADL as an “Extremist.” Had her new trilogy “Lebensraum!” seized by the hundreds and banned in Canada as “hate material.” Background and contribution: A relative newcomer to Revisionism, Ingrid Rimland is best known for her novels dealing with World War II that bring to life and explain the underlying reasons of the

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  • Kjell Sjöberg

    Kjell Sjöberg och Sions Äldstes Protokoll Källa: http://www.eaec.org/svenska.htm Sammanställning: Jan Ermefjäll 2006 INLEDNING När Kjell Sjöberg hade mött John S. Torell i Narpes, Finland år 1981, där dessa båda var tillsammans under två dagar för att diskutera Johns bok ”Bibelns Budskap i De Yttersta Dagarna”, sade Kjell till John att han var skakad efter att

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  • Robert Wilton

    ‘Last Days of the Romanovs’, av Robert Wilton http://www.archive.org/download/lastdaysoftherom008558mbp/lastdaysoftherom008558mbp.pdf Robert Wilton, was serving as Russian correspondent for the British newspaper The Times from 1902 to 1919. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Wilton Book about the murder of the Romanovs banned in Finland. http://www2.hs.fi/english/archive/news.asp?id=20040127IE15 – Robert Wilton was just another who died of cancer at relatively young age (57), compared with:

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