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Craig Cobb

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Craig Cobb the founder of Arrested in Estonia!

Eesti rejected my asylum & put me in jail. They called me racist, said there is now a ten year ban on me in Estonia since Feb. of 2007. They said in court that the kingdom of Sweden had some trial in Absenta agaist me – indictment, action ruling, something. The translator gave it all those names. So I guess if I show up in Sweden I would be arrested too.

Fact is, I could use some research help. You see, I have dual citizenship & I am almost 100% I’m gonna get deported to Canada, not USA. Eesti law lets you pick if you have rights to more than one country. Yeah, I know those guys will say I am nuts to go to Israel north, but here are my reasons:

My “crimes” are, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Endangering public security, public order, public safety, moral standards, health, or some other relevant public interests. They also said I promoted racism & was a racist.

I pointed out the Jew George Soros, who operates here big time is a Zionist & that U.N. resolution #3379 passed 34 years ago in 1975 says Zionism is a racist thought system and that Soros is working with E.U. to import nigs & muzzies to Estonia ( I called them “Africans & Muslims” and is personal pals with Jacob Rothschild – all to no avail.


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