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David Duke

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Dr. David Duke arrested when he was about to give a speeech at the Charles University, Czech Republic;

As everyone in the Czech Republic is now aware, I was ultimately prevented from giving this lecture. Perhaps even more important to the rights of the Czech people, the faculty and students were denied their right to hear it. Here is the actual text of my scheduled lecture. You may be the judge of whether I should have had the legal right to deliver it and whether the university students and faculty should have had the right to hear it. As I explain in the lecture, when you suppress the human rights of freedom of speech and conscience, you cannot even personally know for sure what the person is actually advocating. In the old communist-occupied Eastern and Central Europe, the establishment either jailed the dissident or simply told the people what the dissident supposedly believed. The idea was to not let him speak for himself. It is sad to see the Czech Republic slipping back to the lack of freedom of speech that the Czech people suffered under communist occupation and repression. It is not worthy of a free people. Certainly not worthy of the Czech people.

Dr. David Duke has been arrested and detained by the Czech Republic police and is falsely accused of the crime of Holocaust denial. Jan Mikulovsky, spokesman for the police states this carries up to a three year sentence. He is falsely accused of promoting ‘movements seeking suppression of human rights’. David Duke does not suppress human rights, he fights for them. We the people of the world must join together to demand an end to the spread of draconian Orwellian thoughtcrime laws throughout Western nations. We must demand this man’s freedom.

David Duke is a prisoner of conscience. This term, coined by Amnesty International, indicates someone who is ‘imprisoned because of their race, religion, color, language, sexual orientation, belief, or lifestyle so long as they have not used or advocated violence. It also refers to those who have been imprisoned and/or persecuted for the non-violent expression of their conscientiously-held beliefs.’

Once again someone has been accused of ‘thought crimes’ for telling the truth about certain historical events. A free society would let citizens decide what is the truth. Instead, the most dishonest group of people on earth -politicians- have ordained themselves the final arbiters of truth, and anyone who questions the Holocaust story about six million Jews allegedly being killed in World War Two is committing a ‘crime’ simply by investigating history with an open mind.


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