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David Irving

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Convicted, jailed, fined, deported and barred from numerous countries – and hounded world-wide by Holocaust Enforcers.

Background and contribution:
A prolific British author of approximately 36 books and recognized authority on Hitler and World War II, Irving pretty much believed and accepted the standard Holocaust version – until he read the Leuchter Report. He agreed to testify as the last witness for the defense in the 1988 Zündel Trial. His appearance was a sensation! In the following years, he went on widely publicized and acclaimed Canada- and America-wide lecture tours. He traveled as a speaker through several European countries, with headlines and controversy dogging his every step.

He drew packed houses and infuriated the Holocaust Lobby, which reacted with vicious smear campaigns and managed to have Irving arrested and convicted in Munich, Germany, for “defaming the dead.” This conviction caused Irving to be ultimately banned from Canada, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and South Africa. He was deported in handcuffs from Niagara Falls, Ontario, after a farcical Immigration hearing, during which he was held and treated in jail like some common criminal – for weeks!

He has been hounded by the Holocaust Enforcers ever since. A combative man, Irving has lately gone on counter-attacks and is suing the British Board of Jewish Deputies and American Jewish Holocaust Promoter, Deborah Lipstadt and her publishers. Zündel witness in the 1988 Great Holocaust Trial.


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