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  • Kevin MacDonald

    In 1994, Kevin MacDonald’s writes his first book in what became his trilogy. It was titled ‘ A People that Shall Dwell Alone: An Evolutionary Theory of Judaism’. “There have been times when I have had to endure vicious charges of anti-Semitism” [ ] “But then came the SPLC and Heidi Beirich. Someone not connected

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  • Vincent Reynouard

    A 38 year old French chemical engineer was sentenced this week to one year in prison and fined 10.000 euros ( 14.600 dollars ) for denying the holocaust. Vincent REYNOUARD was convicted by a criminal court in Savernes (eastern France) for writing a 16-page pamphlet in 2005 entitled ” HOLOCAUST ? THE HIDDEN FACT “.

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  • George F. Wittkopp

    Thought Crime: Government panel suspends doctor’s right to practice medicine’ because he talked about the ‘new world order’ A state government panel in Oregon has barred a psychiatrist from practicing medicine because he talked to his patients about the “new world order,” saying such discussions could cause “emotional duress.” George F. Wittkopp, M.D., 60, signed

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  • Guenter Deckert

    Guenter Deckert was arrested and served five years in prison in Germany for translating a speech by Fred Leuchter into German. These statements caused a public outcry: spokespeople for the Jewish community crying foul, the prosecutor decrying Orlet’s opinions as “instructions” for denying the Holocaust, the German justice minister calling it “a slap in the

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  • Patrick J. Buchanan

    Patrick J. Buchanan and the Jews, by Joshua Muravchik January 1991 One definition of anti-Semitism, Patrick J. Buchanan observed in his syndicated column this past September, is ‘an embedded hatred of Jewish people, manifest in writing and conduct, . . . a grave sin, a disease of the heart, a variant of racism.’ But he

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  • Kjell Sjöberg

    Kjell Sjöberg och Sions Äldstes Protokoll Källa: http://www.eaec.org/svenska.htm Sammanställning: Jan Ermefjäll 2006 INLEDNING När Kjell Sjöberg hade mött John S. Torell i Narpes, Finland år 1981, där dessa båda var tillsammans under två dagar för att diskutera Johns bok ”Bibelns Budskap i De Yttersta Dagarna”, sade Kjell till John att han var skakad efter att

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  • Manfred Roeder

    One of Weisenthal’s victims who still languishes in prison in West Germany is the attorney, Manfred Roeder.  Weisenthal was enraged because Roeder had dared to write the preface to the famous revelations contained in the brochure, “The Auschwitz Lie“, by Thies Christopherson.  Christopherson had spent the entire war at Rajsko, the ancillary camp at Auschwitz,

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