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Tom Soobzokov

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The most notorious of these murders was the assassination of an American civil servant named Tom Soobzokov in Paterson N.J. in August of 1985.  Because Soobzokov had recently won a huge award in his $50 million lawsuit against New York Times Books and a Zionist propagandist named Howard Blum, he had been marked for death by the terrorists.

Blum had written an exercise in fantasy, “Wanted: The Search for Nazis in America”, which devoted some 50 pages to Soobzokov’s alleged career as a Nazi, despite the fact that Blum’s sources had exonerated Soobzokov of all charges.  The World Jewish Congress published a letter from its director that Soobzokov’s name had never appeared on a list of war criminals;  the Berlin Document Center, the world’s most extensive collection of papers on Nazis, had nothing adverse in its files;  and 67 other organizations which devoted their efforts to pursuing alleged war criminals admitted that Soobzokov had never been listed as a war criminal.  The Office of Special Investigations, the Nesher group, had tried to have him deported but gave up the effort when all of the charges were disproved.

After winning an award of millions of dollars, Soobzokov was denounced at a neighboring synagogue by Mordechai Levy, founder of the terrorist Jewish Defense League.  In the next few days, a number of attempts were made on Soobzokov’s life, culminating in a bombing which tore off his legs and caused his death 22 days later.  The FBI and the police did nothing on the case, marking it “Unsolved” and placing it in the dead file.

The Soobzokov case was but one of more than a billion people killed by the Canaanites in the past five thousand years, as I have detailed in “The Curse of Canaan”.


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